Working with feet (or hands where necessary) applying a comfortable pressure to parts of the feet stimulates, revitalizes, destresses and balances the bodies energy and promotes wellbeing.

Reflexology gives a deep relaxation experience with helps restore and balance the bodies energy through starting with a introduction massage for the feet/hands followed by a treatment through the reflex points to unblock any energies bespoke to the client and ending with a revitalising massage to leave your feet and your body fresh, relaxed, cleansed and leaving with happier feet / hands as well as body. You may find the treatment really interesting and learn somethings with aftercare to help you continue with being happier and relaxed.

Benefits and how reflexology treatment can make you feel:

Destress, aid anxiety and depression

Relaxation and feeling off individuals 'me' time

Release tension / emotional /physical Improve sleep patterns / restlessness

Improve mood

Feeling of cleansing on the inside and freshness

Calmness and sense of wellbeing

Feeling of lightness especially in the feet/hands

Reflexology is a complimentary therapy and no therapist can medically diagnose any conditions.

Reflexology is working alongside many different areas to help hospitals, health centres and hospices with the wellbeing of not just their patients but widely for the friends and families of patients in medical care and staff who work with these areas.