Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage may seem like a relaxing holistic massage to ease the stresses away but it has many more benefits. The aim is a deeply calming, relaxing experience with revitalising the bodies energy system and can help gain focus and concentration.

More specific benefits:


Releasing the tension from the head, neck shoulders encourages circulation that can release blockages.

Helps ease Stress, anxiety and depression

Whilst massaging the head oxygen to the brain is encouraged which is one of the best ways if reducing levels of anxiety, this also revitalises and lifts the mood and feel good endorphines (also experienced in exercise) which aids thinking clearer and destressing through relaxation.

Boosts memory capabilities

With the relaxing sensation of taking your thoughts away from the busy day to day lives thoughts quieten, sensual awareness takes over ready to focus on your forefront thinking.

Relieves insomnia and fatigue

Indian head massage promotes deep relaxation which in turn allows a sense of wellbeing and security with in the body. Sleep circles will often be effected by stresses, tension, daily busy life styles and even devices being used in work and home. The beneficial relaxing effects will help reduce these effects which encourage the body to relax into a thorough needed sleep

Renew Energy and Revitalises

Indian head massage incorporates the concepts of 'Ayurvedic' which works through the healing and emphasises on the balance of the body. Working with peoples 'Chakras' in the therapy this brings in a positive powerful effect on bring the body back into balance.